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Quakerdraw 57-LC ENV

QUAKERDRAW® 57 LC ENV is a water-dilutable forming lubricant consisting of Quaker’s proprietary ester lubricant, mineral oil, extreme pressure and antiwear agents in combination with organic corrosion inhibitors. It is a multifunctional $uid designed for use on all metal surfaces and alloys. This semi-synthetic product is recommended for use in both soft and hard waters. QUAKERDRAW® 57 LC ENV is a cost effective option for high consumption processes, or nonrecirculated systems.
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  • Cost effective lubrication, provided by ester-based technology and extreme pressure additives. Covers a wide range of applications and produces excellent finish characteristics on work pieces
  • Biostatic additives afford excellent bioresistance for long sump life
  • Superior detergency assures work area, draw die and machine tool cleanliness
  • Environmentally friendly with no heavy metals, NPE emulsifiers or other restricted materials
  • Emulsion is waste treatable with typical acid/alum/polymer techniques. The lack of chlorinated compounds eliminates those restrictions when waste treating
  • Low foaming characteristics minimize waste of product
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