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QUAKERCUT® 012 PE is designed for medium to heavy-duty machining and grinding operations requiring a high degree of lubrication. It is suitable for use on all grades of steel, especially difficult-to-machine high-nickel alloys. FLUID MAINTENANCEQUAKERCUT® 012 PE is to be used as received. It should not be diluted with any mineral spirits or other low viscosity materials. Dilution will greatly hinder performance characteristics. Please consult with your Quaker Process Engineer for more information.
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  • Excellent corrosion protection from thin film aspects of the product
  • The bland nature of the odor is acceptable to operators versus the standard sulfurized-type odors of other cutting oils
  • The unique blend of boundary and extreme pressure lubricants provides high film strength and excellent lubricating qualities
  • A thin film, oily residue, is non-tacky and easily removed by conventional alkaline or emulsion cleaners
  • The unique lubrication provide optimum performance on difficult machining operations and grinding operations
  • The non-sulfurized and non-chlorinated nature of this product does not require special handling from a waste treatment or disposal viewpoint
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Viscosity21 cSt
ContentsChlorine Free, Sulfur Free
Typical UseLight Duty, Medium Duty
Recommended ForGrinding, Milling & Drilling
TypeMachining & Grinding Oil
Is StackableNo
Minimum Order Quantity1