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QUAKERCOOL® 8010 is an oil free, nitrite free, moderate duty synthetic grinding fluid. It provides excellent in-process rust protection of the machine and metal parts. This product is low foaming and can be used in Blanchard grinding. In addition, it provides excellent cleanability, oil rejection and stability of the fluid. QUAKERCOOL® 8010 is highly operator friendly. This product is free of Triazine, carcinogens, phenols, nitrites, chromates, sulphur or chlorine.
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  • Outstanding Rust Protection – Will provide excellent rust protection on the part and the machine
  • Rapid Grit Settling – Keeps machine surface clean and pleasant for workers. Metal fines do not recirculate
  • Rejects Tramp Oil – Does not emulsify hydraulic, gear or way oils
  • Excellent Resistance to Bacteria – Formulated with high quality additives attaining natural stability against bacteria
  • Recyclable – Designed to reject tramp oils thus extending life and making it easily recyclable thus drastically reduces disposal costs
  • Ultra-filterable
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