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QUAKERCOOL® 5035 S is high performance, low oil containing semi-synthetic metalworking coolant engineered to be ultra-stable and deliver exceptional tool life leading to reduced cycle times and significant process savings. Ideally suited for operations that require great bio-stability and excellent corrosion protection, QUAKERCOOL® 5035 S is engineered for machining both aluminum and ferrous alloys including cast iron and alloy steels. QUAKERCOOL® 5035 S has been formulated to provide effective foam control in soft water conditions.
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  • Excellent resistance to bacteria and long sump life resulting in lower disposal costs
  • Designed for soft water applications for effective foam control
  • Designed to reject tramp oils for cleaner parts and machines
  • Effective wetting characteristics provide better cooling, high dimensional accuracy and surface quality
  • Multi-metal compatible product technology. Can be used on aluminum and ferrous applications for product consolidation and reduced inventory
  • Excellent lubricity package that allows tools to perform at their maximum capacity
  • Low odor, low misting, and mild to skin, parts, or machinery
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