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QUAKERCOOL® 2810 is a true-solution synthetic cutting fluid that provides excellent detergency and corrosion protection properties. It is recommended for light-to-moderate duty machining and grinding of carbon steel and cast iron. For use in turning, milling, drilling boring and reaming. Can also be used in internal, O.D. and surface grinding.
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  • Contains multiple corrosion resistance system that maintains excellent corrosion protection, even under high humidity "wet stacking" conditions
  • Superb wetting characteristics – balanced surfactant package maximizes cleanliness and detersive properties
  • Most oils are rejected and can be skimmed from the sump or system. Prevents stripping and displacement of machine tool lubricants
  • Contains no oil, and maintains a clean and safe work area. Parts are also cleaner, minimizing or even eliminating the need for cleaning
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