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QUAKERCOOL® 2780 machining and grinding fluid, provides a high degree of lubrication, cleanliness, cooling, and corrosion protection. It is suitable for use on difficult operations involving high alloy steel, carbon steel, and cast iron. This oil-free synthetic coolant also provides effective lubrication for many aluminum operations. • Medium to Heavy Duty Machining • Multipurpose Grinding • Vitrified CBN GrindingCUSTOMERS • Bosch Automotive • Caterpillar, Inc. • Delphi Automotive • Honeywell • Pratt & Whitney • Sikorsky Aircraft
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  • The excellent cleanliness leaves machines and parts free of sticky residues. This product also rejects tramp oil easily
  • The bland odor and moderate pH provide a worker friendly environment
  • Produces little to no foam in soft to moderate water
  • The extremely effective “block co-polymer” synthetic lubricant features inverse solubility. It reacts to heat of metal deformation to provide instant added lubrication. This product contains no mineral oil
  • Provides excellent corrosion protection on ferrous alloys down to concentrations as low as 3.5%
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Concentration Range5-12%
ContentsChlorine Free, Sulfur Free, Mineral Oil Free
Typical UseLight Duty, Medium Duty
Recommended MaterialsStainless Steels, Alloy & Carbon Steel, Titanium, Cast Iron
Recommended ForGrinding, Milling & Drilling
TypeSolution Synthetic
Is StackableNo
Minimum Order Quantity1