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QUAKERCLEAN® 624 JBS is a mild alkaline liquid that simultaneously cleans and protects metal surfaces in a single processing step. This product is designed for ferrous (steel and cast iron) alloys and non-ferrous (aluminum) alloys. CORPORATE APPROVALS\n • CORPORATE APPROVALS\n • Caterpillar # 3-9837336\n • Chrysler NPM # 12-270-6050\n • Ford TOX # 175019\n • General Motors HMCS ID 1182432
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  • Cleans and protects metal surfaces in one step while keeping inventory costs low and provides 30-60 days of corrosion protection to the metal surface when not rinsed
  • Safe for use on both ferrous and non-
  • Moderate pH which makes product very worker compatible
  • Low foam generation at temperatures up to 150oF which means less product consumption, lower costs and prevents pump cavitation
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Application MethodImmersion, Spray
Concentration Range3-8%
Typical UseIn Process Cleaning & Rust Prevention
pH (In Use)9.90
TypeCleaner & Short Term Corrosion Protection
Is StackableNo
Minimum Order Quantity1