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QUAKER TF 11 is a cleanable film for protection of delicate metal surfaces. It can be sprayed with air spray. After a few minutes a flexible film is formed to protect the surface against scratches during handling and transport. The below information should only be used as a guide. In order to check the suitability for your particular application, please consult a Quaker Houghton representative. • Keep from freezing. • Semi-stable: stir container prior to usage Concentration: 100% typical, but the product can be diluted with demineralised water to enable easy spraying. Always homogenise the container prior to usage. For full parts protection the product is sprayed in film thickness typical 50 - 150 g/m2. After drying the remaining film will be 12 - 35 ?m. Typical drying time is 10 - 20 min at room temperature. It can be removed with an alkaline cleaner, for instance with AC TRANS-COAT REMOVER. Remover should by applied 70 - 120 g/m² over the film. After 5 to 10 minutes the film plus
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  • Film can be removed with alkaline cleaners, no solvents needed
  • Free of heavy metals
  • Good wetting to multiple metal surfaces
  • Dry film is a low roughness clear film
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