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Speed up weld cleaning by 85% when applying PROTECT-O-METAL by brush or spray before welding. Unlike other ”spatter proofing“ compounds, PROTECT-O-METAL will not smoke or cause odors. Spatter comes off with a whisk of a damp cloth. PROTECT-O-METAL contains no oils or organic ingredients; it positively will not burn and is non toxic. One thin coat serves for single or multiple pass welds. One gallon protects up to 3000 square feet of quality welding. Prevents oxidation scale with any temperature up to 1500?F. Simply coat piece with PROTECT-O-METAL before putting in furnace. Wipe off with damp cloth or brush after heat treatment.
As low as $80.03
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  • Goes on fast, prevents weld spatter, adhesion, pitting and formulation of oxide scale.
  • Inhibits rust in spite of the fact you thin it with ordinary tap water.
  • PROTECT-O-METAL is a good electrical conductor – it stabilizes the welding arc and keeps it from breaking. A thin coat is effective for single or multiple pass welding. In fact, the thinner the coat the easier it wipes off ... another time & cost saving feature.
  • 1 gallon protects up to 3000 square feet.
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TypeWashable inorganic coating
Is StackableNo
Minimum Order Quantity1