Primary Aluminum

From smelting & casting to hot & cold rolling of aluminum, Quaker Houghton's high-performance aluminum lubricants are the top of the industry when it comes to performance. Whether you are casting your aluminum with our global fire-resistant formulations and non-petroleum based mold lubricants or hot/cold rolling with our rolling oils formulated to acheive excellent surface quality and eliminate bite and refusal problems, you are in good hands with our products.

Aluminum Cold Rolling

Quaker Houghtonon supplies high-quality aluminum cold rolling additives in the CINDOL, CR series, VX series, BA series, and more, many of them composed of the conventional chemistry used throught the aluminum cold rolling industry.

Aluminum Hot Rolling

Quaker Houghton has a large presence in the hot rolling industry and has developed products specially for these industries. QUINTOLUBRIC and COSMOLUBRIC are premium HFDU fluids for hydraulic applications that lead the industry in performance.

QUACAST 505 NF is a fully active synthetic hot rolling formulation that can be used neat or in dispersion form depending on application.

Aluminum Smelting & Casting

Quaker Houghton specializes in smelting & casting of aluminum and is a major supplier to the largest aluminum smelters in the industry. From fire resistant hydraulic fluids to specialty release agents, we have the entire process covered with the safest and most reliable products in the industry.

Primary Steel

Quaker Houghton has earned its reputation in the steel industry through decades of innovation and proven results. Whether you are manufacturing or processing steel, you can be confident that our products will ensure optimal performance and safety while reducing your operational costs. As the steel industry becomes increasingly competitive, gaining an edge on the competition is more important than ever. We know steel and we know you will benefit from our expertise.

Cold Rolling

Specialty lubricants designed for the cold reduction of steel sheet sold to the container, automotive, and appliance industries; contain full synthetics, semi-synthetics and fully natural products with lubricant delivery systems that include nonionic, anionic, cationic, amphoteric and polymeric technologies. Used to effectively reduce a multitude of steel alloys to the gauge and shape required.


Critical steel forging operations requires top of the line fire resistance hydraulic fluid. Quaker Houghton now houses the QUINTOLUBRIC® and COSMOLUBRIC® lines of fire resistant hydraulic fluids under the same roof, globally formulated to perform in the toughest environments while providing industry leading protection from fire hazard.

Hot Rolling

State of the art hot rolling steel lubricants provide roll protection, defect elimination and energy savings for industries ranging from automotive to construction. New technologies include synthetic cationics and water based long product compounds. Reduces mill loads, improves back-up and work roll life, and increases quality in the hot rolling of all stainless and carbon steel substrates.

Other Metals

Our expertise extend beyond steel and aluminum when it comes to casting and rolling and you can trust our products to provide premium surface quality using base stocks that provide a clean working environment and maximize worker accpetance. No matter the metal, we have the product to optimize your operation and bring protect your profits.

Melting & Casting

Quaker Houghton's line of Heatshield® casting lubricants provides excellent surface quality when casting steel products. These products provide outstanding mold release with low-smoking and low-odor properties.

Heatshield mold lubricants contain highly refined lubricant base stocks for very clean operation without generating heavy smoke or build-ups. They deliver consistent performance for critical surface at an economical applied cost.


Specialty lubricants for the reduction of non-ferrous metals (i.e. aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, etc.). Provides corrosion and stain protection for multiple alloys. Used in emulsion and neat oil applications.