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POLY SLICK 76P was designed as a substitute to oil based lubricants. Product is in beaded dry form. Dispense a modest amount into the shot sleeve. After injection, it melts and expand rapidly inside the shot sleeve. The fine mists created inside the shot sleeve results in an outstanding lubrication film. Unlike most of the oil based lubricant, it does not produce pollution. POLY SLICK 76P reduces porosity in castings and protects the pour area in shot sleeve from erosion, extending the service life of shot sleeve, and reduce adverse effects from scratches; enhances the casting system life. Increases the tool life of plunger tips, generally doubles the tool life when compared to using oil based lubricants. During casting, the plunger lubricants are completely consumed, not leaving any pollutants from oil based lubricants. The surfaces of castings are clean and bright; without oil marks. No grease stains, no smoke nor air pollution during recycle of gating, runners and biscuits. Main
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  • Extends tip and sleeves life, reduces cycle times and produces clean and bright castings
  • Extremely clean formulation – reduced smoke, stain & mess
  • Strong adherence to plunger tip
  • Will not clog the feed lines or valves
  • Does not promote corrosion or pitting
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TypeDry-Form Plunger Lubricant
Is StackableNo
Minimum Order Quantity1

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