Buying a 52-gallon drum of metal cleaner doesn’t sound too involved. You know it is. Before that drum arrives on your shop floor there is a multitude of steps: researching products and pricing, issuing a PO, receiving and unpacking, and on and on. 

When you work with a single supplier, you’ll reduce hard and soft costs, gain a rep who knows your business and shop-floor challenges, and gain confidence that your products will work together.


Cutting hidden costs

Have you ever thought about how much you spend to spend money? 

Researching products and prices, issuing POs, unpacking, inventory – the hours add up fast. Processing purchase orders alone multiply for each supplier and contract over the course of a year. Working with a single supplier frees up employees to focus on other critical business activities. 

Shipping is another area where soft costs can hide. Using a single supplier means you’ll:

  • Waste less time receiving and unpacking multiple deliveries from multiple suppliers.
  • Improve inventory control by receiving smaller, more frequent deliveries.
  • And of course, you may enjoy lower shipping fees when you are able to consolidate your orders.


Supporting your business

When you work with one supplier, your rep gets to know you, your shop floor, and your business. The benefits go beyond not having to explain your story to several reps. You’ll have a partner who looks out for your best interest – one who works with you on solutions that will keep your shop floor moving and expenses in check.


Keeping it in the family

When you use products from one supplier, you know they’ll work together or on their own. No time or money wasted on workarounds. 

Before one of our clients switched to HOUGHTO-DRAW® 7060, their metalworking fluid needed a workaround for a workaround. The initial product had issues, so they needed to add another solution. That led to negative side effects like more pumpouts and an almost unbearable smell on the shop floor. 

To offset those and other side effects, they had to add another solution. More time, more wear and tear on their equipment, and more downtime.


Adding it up

When you use Quaker Houghton’s metalworking fluids, you’ll save hard and soft costs, work with a rep who knows your business, and feel confident that they’ll work together every time.

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