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Industry News

Urban manufacturing in Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is no stranger to innovation, as it got its start as an R&D location for the US navy. Crye Precision is one of the newcomers, moving there in 2002 and is emblematic of the way the Navy Yard has changed, as it is an advanced manufacturing company that makes high-tech body armour for the military. The Navy Yard and similar projects provide a blueprint for manufacturing in large cities.
Sho Chandra | The Economist | 07.13.2017

China's Great Wave of Steel Ebbs as Trump Prepares US Defense.

As the president mulls drastic policies on trade with China, the countries overseas sales of steel have dropped 28% over the last 6 months. There is strong demand domestically, which may be reducing Chinese exports at the moment.
Jasmine Ng and Martin Ritchie (Bloomberg) | IndustryWeek | 07.13.2017

Electric Car Maker Scraps Plans For $1 Billion Nevada Plant.

Faraday Future suspended the project after spending $120 million on it. The decision came due to a shift in business strategy, and is now looking for an existing facility to handle its production. 
Alison Noon, The Associated Press | Manufacturing.Net | 07.11.2017


The Lost Secrets of Forging Valyrian Steel.

Valyrian steel swords from Game of Thrones are heavily based on Damascus Steel Swords crafted between the 3rd and 17th centuries. John Verhoeven, a retired metallurgist, was able to recreate the formula used to make the long lost weapons. The technology used to make these super malleable steels may even make it into cards one day, due to the weight saving properties of ultra-high carbon steel. 
Rebecca Pool | Forging Magazine | 07.11.2017

Best Practices

Finding Specialty Toolholders to Improve Cycle Time.

Specialty toolholders can be used to greatly improve cycle time. While toolholders can be produced from blanks, that is both costly and requires a great deal of time. Having a variety of toolholders that are either modular or specialty allows maximum adaptability. 
AM Staff | American Machinist | 07.03.2017

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