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Industry News

Americans Believe Manufacturing Industry Critical to Country’s Prosperity. Based on a survey from Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute, 76% of Americans believe the US should invest more in manufacturing, and 83% believe manufacturing is critical to economic prosperity. While the industry has change significantly over the last few decades, people still see significant value in manufacturing even in the long run. 
IW Staff | IndustryWeek | 05.11.2017

Forged Gear Plant Restarting, Plans to Expand. Selma Precision Technologies is taking over a formerly closed down plant from Sona BLW Precision Forge, which shuttered in 2016. The company aims to produce 2 million precision-forged parts in 2017, with goals for 6 million and 9 million in 2018 and 2019. 
Robert Brooks | Forging Magazine | 05.17.2017

GM will cut operations in India, South Africa. By the end of 2017, GM is shuttering their operations in India and sell off operations in South Africa, as they adjust their strategy to focus on fewer high profit markets. The company intends to focus more intensely on autonomous vehicles and the pickup and SUV markets in China and North America.
Joseph White | Reuters | 05.18.2017


Coolant’s Impact on Face Milling Aluminum. A recent test conduced by Quaker Chemical regarding the impact of coolant on face milling aluminum returned results that suggest that the influences of fluid and cutting speed on cutting power are minimal on fresh, unworn inserts. In addition, Quaker found that power increase had a direct relationship with cutting edge wear. The rate of wear is influenced by fluid and cutting speed.  
Matt Danford | Quaker Chemical via Modern Machine Shop | 05.01.2017

Best Practices

Retaining Light Industrial Workers: It's Not Just About the Money. To keep talented employees, there are a handful of things a company can do to remain competitive. Having strong onboarding, training, and a way of rewarding good work are just a handful of the things that can do to keep talent. 
Todd Cross | IndustryWeek | 05.12.2017

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