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Industry News

GM says Venezuela has seized its car plant. The company has stated that it is immediately ceasing operations in the country and describes the takeover as "illegal seizure of assets". GM is the latest American company to cease operations in Venezuela.
Alanna Petroff | CNN Money | 04.20.2017

US Industrial Production Up 0.5 Percent In March. However, there was a decline in manufacturing output, which was due to a drop in the production of vehicles and parts. Despite that drop, there is optimism for the rest of 2017 as energy prices rise and the dollar's surge tapers off. 
Martin Crutsinger | Manufacturing.net | 04.18.2017

GM Adds More Than 1,000 Jobs For Autonomous Driving Research. The company is re-purposing an existing facility in San Francisco to double its R&D space available to Cruise Automation, which the company acquired last year. 
Andy Szal | Manufacturing.net | 04.17.2017


Identifying Machines from Within CNC Programs. For jobs that require multiple CNC machine tools, or shops that happen to have multiple CNC machine tools, there is a seamless method for running the same program on multiple machines. 
Mike Lynch | Modern Machine Shop | 04.17.2017

Best Practices

Being in Charge Doesn’t Make You a Leader. When leading an organization, it is important to understand the balance between leaders and followers. Sometimes to ensure the right results, you need to effectively put yourself in the shoes of those you are leading.
Ritch K. Eich | Industryweek | 04.18.2017

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