There is no question that 2022 has brought unprecedented challenges to the supply chain worldwide. Plant shutdowns across the chemical industry and shipping container shortages are just a few of the reasons why metalworking fluid lead times have drastically increased in recent months. While some users of coolants, rust preventives, and hydraulic fluids have been detrimentally impacted, others are finding innovative ways to source the fluids necessary to run their business. How can you strategically navigate the market and stay on top of your company’s needs?

Here are 3 things you can do to minimize your risk and ensure you have the necessary products in stock to maintain your operation and avoid a slowdown or shutdown:

1. Select the best product for your application

When it comes to selecting a metalworking fluid, there is not usually a right or wrong answer. Many versatile options exist in the market that can be applied to a variety of applications. However, selecting the best option helps to ensure optimization and minimize order frequency. You may be using a generic machining oil for your cutting, grinding, and honing needs. What you may not realize is that there are specialty fluids which are formulated to perform in unique operations and material combinations. For instance, switching your honing fluid from a basic oil to a specialty honing product like QUAKERCUT 004 PE could significantly improve efficiency. Another example is QUAKERCLEAN LFE 2S process cleaner, which can be used in immersion systems, but demonstrates ideal performance with high-pressure spray.

Prior to replacing your coolant or cleaner, contact your Quaker Houghton Connect Representative for recommendations of fluid-enhancing additives to maximize sump lifespan.

2. Place your orders with plenty of lead time

In the current market, make no assumptions about in-stock product. Just because a product was readily available in the past does not mean it will be available today. Schedule regular discussions with your team and make a plan to stay ahead of the supply chain. Include your requested ship date in your orders, keeping in mind product shelf life! Consider a blanket order to schedule shipments months in advance.

Regular fluid monitoring and testing is key for understanding when it is time to order more product. Do not wait for a fluid to be unusable before deciding to place an order for a replacement!

3. Stay in close contact with your supplier

Communicating your requirements and expectations with your metalworking fluid supplier is the best way to be in the know about the status of the supply chain. Let us know what your typical volume requirements and order patterns are. If anything changes, give us a call and we will do what we can on our end to be prepared with the product that you need.

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