Earlier this month, the Quaker Houghton Inside Sales team attended the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show in Indianapolis and identified several key insights. Of first importance is the performance vehicle industry continues to grow, making shop performance an increasingly critical factor for business. Quaker Houghton not only offers an industry-leading honing oil but is also a one-stop shop for any key metalworking fluids needed for your automotive machine shop, including metal removal fluids and cleaners. The following will highlight three of our automotive specific products, known for improving shop performance across the industry.

Honing Oils

Many shops in the engine building industry agree that switching to QUAKERCUT® 004 PE honing oil is an excellent opportunity to increase equipment life span. This product produces a smoother finish, increases the life span of equipment, and generates greater yields. Some product specifications of 004 PE are:

  • Reduces friction and prevents metallurgical burns
  • Makes abrasives last longer
  • Produces zero odor
  • Lengthens stone life
  • Improves cooling
  • Decreases product waste 


Other Metal Removal Fluids

Other than honing, a variety of CNC machines are used by engine builders and automotive machine shops across the globe. Quaker Houghton offers a range of machining coolants, and we will work with each customer to find the best fit for your application; from synthetics to soluble oils. For instance, HOCUT® 795-H is a soluble oil that will provide the following benefits to your shop:

  • Universal, multi-metal compatible – one product satisfies all machining requirements
  • Provides superior surface finish
  • Corrosion protection for ferrous and aluminum alloys, for both parts and machinery
  • Low foam, making it ideal for high feeds and speeds and high-pressure applications
  • Biostable formulation extends sump life and minimizes disposal costs



Cleaning fluids are a significant part of a machining operation, as they are important for removal of dirt, debris, and any other fluids that may have been previously applied to the metal. They also often offer corrosion protection, which can be key for automotive components that need to be shipped out of the shop. QUAKERCLEAN® 624 JBS is a cleaner/metal preservative that is used by many large automotive manufacturers due to its versatility:

  • Cleans and protects metals in one step, providing up to 60 days of corrosion protection
  • Safe for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, allowing it to be used for many applications
  • Low foam generation
  • Can be used in one- or multi-stage spray and immersion systems
  • Is compatible with hard water and generates an imperceptible film, making it easy to handle parts after application
PRI Trade ShowPRI Trade Show
The PRI Trade Show, December 2022

The fluids mentioned above are only a few of the dozens of products we have available. Whether you are machining engines, stamping car doors, or casting mounting brackets, Quaker Houghton has the right solution for you. If you are interested in learning more about our products, please contact our team by emailing us at orders@qh-connect.com or calling us at 1-888-872-1375.