Is your shop in need of a new hydraulic fluid? Have you decided that it’s time to upgrade to something with fire resistance and better performance than your traditional oil? If so, Quaker Houghton’s QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 series may be the right fit for you.

QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 series is a premium, polymer-free, HFD-U, fire-resistant hydraulic fluid. It Is fully biodegradable, offering simple waste treatment. As a globally recognized FM-approved premium polyol ester, QUINTOLUBRIC® may even qualify you for a discount on your shop’s insurance.

QUINTOLUBRIC® is compatible and miscible with nearly all mineral oil and polyol ester-type hydraulic fluids, and with some phosphate esters. It can be used with multi-component epoxy coatings, any ferrous alloys, and most nonferrous alloys. Seals, hoses, and packings made of standard materials like NBR (ISO 1629) can be used with systems running QUINTOLUBRIC® 888.

Over time, every fluid will degrade. The ester in QUINTOLUBRIC® will form free fatty acids, increasing the Total Acid Number. It is important to regularly monitor the TAN of the fluid and replace the fluid when 8.0 mg KOH/g is reached. Whether you are replacing QUINTOLUBRIC®, or converting from another hydraulic fluid, it is important to follow this procedure. For best results, minimize contamination from residual hydraulic fluids by dismantling and steam cleaning the system.

Petroleum-based Conversion

Petroleum oil-based hydraulic fluids and QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 Series are miscible and compatible, but residual petroleum oil content reduces the fire-resistant properties of the QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 Series.

When converting from a petroleum-based oil:

  1. Drain the petroleum-based fluid. Remember to drain fluid from accumulators, cylinders, and lines, and remove any build-up of dirt in the reservoir.
  2. Refill the reservoir and actuate all the cylinders for several cycles.
  3. Continue to flush the system for several hours. Inspect filter elements periodically and replace if necessary.
  4. Check the fluid level and add more QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 Series as necessary until full.

Water-based (HFC and HFB) conversion:

Water-based hydraulic fluid does not mix with QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 Series. It is detrimental to have residual water in the QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 Series.

When converting from a water-based oil:

  1. Drain the system the same way as replacing a petroleum-based fluid (Step 1 above).
  2. Refill the system reservoir with our recommended flushing fluid. The flushing fluid is designed to absorb any water-based fluid remaining.
  3. Actuate the cylinders and cycle the system with the flushing fluid. Continue flushing for several hours. Flush the system for 24 hours or for as long as possible.
  4. After flushing fill the system with QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 Series fluid. Don’t forget to check the fluid level and add more fluid until full.


For more information on dump, clean, and recharge procedures check out the below blog post:

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