Unlike your truck or garage, keeping equipment clean isn’t a “nice to do,” it’s a must. Excess dust and debris don’t just make a mess, they can lead to equipment malfunction and a shorter lifespan. They can lead to work-safety issues and even fire. On-time and on-budget delivery makes customers and management happy and that requires keeping equipment and employees working at the top of their game. Cleaners and corrosion preventatives work together to keep your production floor humming, your costs in check, and your hassles few and far between. 



Cleaning: a delicate balance

A great steel cleaner and long-term rust preventive needs to break through the crud. Unlike other cleaners, it needs to treat the equipment with care. Spraying or brushing isn’t an option when removing the cleaner. It’s a delicate balance that can impact your shop floor and your budget. When you’re choosing a cleaner, a one-step cleaner and protector reduces downtime and is easier on your budget.

QUAKER® 624 MPC’s does that for both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Benefits include:

  • Can be used twice – reducing inventory and costs
  • A moderate pH – safer to work with
  • Microbiologically stable –  saves wear and ear on equipment performance and longevity
  • Non-foaming – you’ll use less.


Rust and corrosion: no place to hide

When you’re working with metal, corrosion and rust are the monkeys always ready to jump on your back. There’s nothing like that sinking feeling when you uncover rust or corrosion. And once it starts, there’s no going back. The environment, moisture, gasses, moisture – they all take a toll on metals, weakening, or breaking down your equipment. That means higher costs, more downtime and possible safety issues. 

FERROCOTE® 61A US can help you dodge that sinking feeling. 

  • Prevents corrosion on metal surfaces for up to one year.
  • Helps resist humidity and temperature-related corrosion and staining that result from long-term storage and transportation.
  • Easy to apply: spray, dip, brush or electrostatic.

When timelines and budgets are tight, QUAKER® 624 MPC and FERROCOTE® 61A US work together to prevent unnecessary equipment problems. Problems that can slow down production and negatively impact the product you deliver to your customers. Wondering what fluid will work best for you? Download our Ultimate Metalworking Fluid Guide to get started.