Quarry & Open Pit

Keeping the a quarry or open pit free from airborne particles and flammable hazards is a costly and time consuming operation that requires top of the line technology to prevent profit loss and maximize efficiency. Quaker Houghton's dust suppressant and fire resistant hydraulic fluid technologies are nothing short of the leading industry products and ensure you can trust the job to get done right and keep your operation hazard free.

Dust Suppression

Whether it’s on embankments, dirt roads or mine sites, Quaker has innovative, integrated process solutions and superior service to optimize your operations, increase profitability and realize further success. Dust Suppression – Innovative DUSTGRIP™ product line serves various pit and quarry applications, from conveyors to stockpiles and screening operations, among many others.

Hydraulic Fluid

Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids – Globally recognized QUINTOLUBRIC® formulations deliver high-performance, environmentally compatible solution.

Longwall Mining

Today's mining industry must cope with a wide variety of priorities, ranging from safety to effectiveness and cost-efficiency. Quaker Houghton's ground control agents and longwall fluids provide solutions that are reliable to your operation. You need solutions that meet the real demands of a complex industry, and our products promise to deliver satisfying options.

Dust Suppression

Keep dust in its place with Quaker Houghton's family of dust suppressants for various applications, including crushers and conveyor systems, rail cars, stockpiles, unpaved haul roads, pits and quarries, mine tailings, screening operations, construction sites, unpaved parking lots and roadways, longwalls, and embankments.

Hydraulic Fluids

With decades of mining application experience, Quaker Houghton has been a reliable source of fire-resistant, efficient hydraulics for roof support and storage fluids that protect against freeze damage and corrosion. Trust us with your operation, we've earned it.

Storage Fluids

Micro emulsion high water-based (HFA) hydraulic fluids were designed for use in longwall shields. These fluids are produced in an ISO approved facility to meet the needs of the mining industry.

The QUINTOLUBRIC® 814 SERIES (814-01 and 814-02) has been approved by Caterpillar and Joy Mining and offers the benefits of a low water endangering class, biodegradability, versatile compatibility for easy conversion and a dye for easy underground leak detection. These fluids mix with water and do not require agitation for dilution. They are also compatible with all standard dilution mixers like Dale, Dosatron, Conflow and Venturi Systems.