High Performance Greases

Quaker Houghton's range of specialty greases include aluminum complex, lithium complex, polyurea and calcium-sulfonate-thickened greases that are designed to address a broad spectrum of needs through proven technology. Whether you are looking for a highly lubricated grease, water washout protection, thermal stability or rust protection, these greases are designed to meet your specific demand.


Most grades available in tubes, pails, kegs, drums & bulk

Aluminum Complex Grease

These greases were specifically formulated and manufactured to provide outstanding lubrication in industrial applications where water washout or water spray off is a concern. Available in NLGI grades 0-3, viscosity ranges of 250 - 680 cSt and all containing extreme pressure additives to withstand the highest pressure.

Calcium Complex Grease

The calcium complex greases are made up of a unique line of lubricating greases that utilize an entirely new approach in thickener technology. They provide exceptional lubricity, thermal stability, rust protection and water washout resistance. Available in NLGI grades 0-2, viscosities between 220-485 cSt and extreme pressure additives.

Lithium Complex Grease

This series of premium greases were formulated with high quality base oils to be extremely affective at water resistance and are used especially where water washout is a major concern. Available in a wide range of viscosities and a variety of extreme pressure and molybdenum sulfide additives.

Lithium Grease

The lithium grease series is formulated with the highest quality base oils and additives and is designed to provide superior performance in a broad range of applications. There is a a lithium grease formulated to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

Polyurea Grease

The polyurea greases in this product line were specifically formulated and manufactured to provide outstanding lubrication in high temperature applications. They can effectively replace lithium and lithium complex greases in high temperature applications. Availalbe in NLGI grades 0-2, viscosities of 220-680 cSt and EP additives.

Specialty Greases

Utilizing both premium base stock oils and synthetic oils, our lineup of specialty greases is comprehensive in application and variety. Whatever the operation you have in mind, our unique blend of grease types and additives can get the job done.

Fire Resistant Greases

Using a unique blend of base stock from the same source as the fire resistant hydraulic fluids, these specialty greases are designed to replace extreme pressure, mneral oil-based greases in applications where fire hazards exist or in environmentally sensititve bearing applications without compromising overall equipment operation. These greases are formulated with Factory Mutual approval.

Dust Suppressants

When your operation is at risk of dust contamination, your final product and worker compliance can be compromised unnecessarily. With a series of unique technologies, our dust suppression technologies can make the difference in your product quality and worker experience. Developed for the mining industry, these products go to work for you so you can keep moving unhindered by dust.

Water Extendable Concentrates

Water-based dust suppression concentrates are designed for multiple applications, including mine haul roads, stockpiles and longwall mining. Using a proprietary blend of wetting agents, these types of dust suppressants are used to accelerate water penetration in areas where dust is a hazad, reducing the overall consumption of water necessary to maintain a worksite.

Specialty Products

Vast array of specialty additives for metal working fluids, quenchants, rust protection and cleanability, all formulated to get you through the unexpected conditions that challenge process fluids.

Anti-Spatter Compounds

PROTECT-O-METAL is the standard in anti-spatter compounds and will protect your welds while speeding up weld cleaning. As a good electrical conductor, this product will stabilize the welding arc and prevent it from breaking. PROTECT-O-METAL does not smoke or cause odor and is non toxic.

Friction Modifiers

Friction modifiers can help provide the extra lubrication needed to dramaticlaly improve oil efficiency. Quaker Houghton's friction modifiers are thermally stable and provide an excellent supplement to gear lubricants while maintaining good compatibility with Viton and other seal materials.

Case Study

An underground coal producer in Utah had been using the same longwall fluid supplier for over 10 years. As a result the coal producer was using a first generation, high mineral oil longwall fluid at a 4.6% concentration, and were not aware of new longwall fluid technologies, and how they could improve their operations.