Quenching & Heat Treatment

With a history of revoltuionizing the quenchant market through product development and a commitment to innovation, Quaker Houghton's heat treatment portfolio is guaranteed to contain the product your operation requires to reduce distortion during quenching while saving you time and money in post-work correction. Along with the most diverse technology to match your application, our expert experience is second to none when it comes to finding the absolute best fit for your demand.

Quenching Fluids

A variety of quenching products are available from Quaker Houghton that meet the demand of the majority of applications in the industry. No matter the process demands, our deep product portolio and process expertise will be suit your operation. From normal to high speed quenching, and everything in between, our innovative lineup can get the job done.

Martempering Fluids

Quaker Houghton has earned their reputation when it comes to expertise in martempering and no process is more crucial in determining the quality in a final product. Extensive investment has been made in a variety of technologies to ensure optimal quenching profiles are available for the most critical processes in the industry so that your final product is top of the line, just like our fluids.

Heat Treatment Additives

Quaker Houghon's quenchant additives use a unique blend of surfactants and corrosion inhibitors to help improve heat dissipation & casting surface brightness and inhibit oxidation, all without creating paint or coating problems. Take a look at some of our special formulations designed to reduce foaming and microbiological stability to improve your bath life as well.