Lumber Mills & Cogeneration

As enivornmental awareness and sawmill safety become strong topics in the forestry industry, Quaker Houghton has developed a line of premium biodegradable saw guide and chain oils as well as fire resistant production oils for cogeneration furnaces. These products will ensure EHS compliance while delivering uncompromising performance. Proven in multiple regions, these products are robust replacment options for various industry standards.

Band & Rip Saws

The BINOL BAND product line is madeup of safe and enviornmentally acceptable straight and water soluble lubricating and cleaning oils, based on renewable raw materials. These products readily biodegrade in soil and water, are not irritating to skin and non-toxic to the enironment.

Cogeneration Furnances

Our fire resistant hydraulic fluids are the best in industry for performance, safety and equipment degradation. Protect your employees, reduce your downtime and improve your operation with premium polyol ester hydraulic fluids that are Factory Mutual approved to reduce fire hazards in the mill.

Conveyor Chain Lubricants

BioSafe CON 46/68 W is an environmentally acceptable lubricant, based on renewable raw materials. The product is readily biodegradable in soil and water, non-toxic to humans and the environment, and does not cause skin irritation. The BioSafe CON 46/68 W is used as a lubricant for chains and conveyers within sawmills and paper- and pulp industry manufacturing plants.

Mobile Forestry Equipment

Reducing the forestry industry's carbon footprint has become an increasing priority as environmental awareness takes hold across many operations. Take a look at our biodegradable options for bar and chain oils and make a move towards improving your operations environmental impact.

Biodegradable Bar & Chain Lubricants

BioSafe CON is an environmentally acceptable lubricant, produced from highly refined vegetable oils. The products are biodegradable and biologically renewable and are used as a lubricant for chains & conveyers within sawmills and bar oil in chainsaw & feller applications.

Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluids

Environmental and community compliance – Complete offer of biodegradable fire-resistant and conventional hydraulic fluids.

Case Study

Binol Band 20

A lumber producer was looking for a more environmen-tally-friendly solution for their timber operations without negatively impacting their production costs