Mobile Equipment & Saw Guide Oils

Quaker Houghton's robust lineup of environmentally friendly chain oils have been tested in the toughest weather conditions and have provent to reduce wear and improve performance against the traditional fluids that have been predominant in the industry, all while providing the stamp of environemental acceptance. Proven to beat the competition across the many different territories of the forestry industry, these fluids provide a renewable option that doesn't compromise on performance.

Chain Saw Oils

BioSafe CON is an enivornmentally acceptable lubricant, produced from highly refined vegetable oils. These products are biodegradable and produced with biologically renewable materials. Used as a lubricant for chains & conveyors within sawmills and bar oil in chainsaw & feller applications, these productsa are diveresely capable of replacing mineral oils with large carbon footprints.

Saw Mill Lubricants

Every mill is unique in its application and lumber types, and the Binol Band products were designed to be as diversely capable. The biodegradable neat oil options provide a renewable option to replace the standard fluids that plague the industry with price fluctuations and fire hazards, improving safety and efficiency. For those looking for the newest technology in the industry, our water emulsifiable options can improve the operational cost efficiency of any mill with the right equipment.

Vegetable Based Band Saw Lubricant

The BINOL BAND products are safe and environamentally acceptable, cleaning & lubricating oils synthesized from naturally occuring oleic esters. They are designed for cleaning and lubricating applications of bandsaws, circular saws and moulding equipment in sawmills. The product has been tested against different elastomers and paints used by the leading manufacturers.

Case Study

Binol Band 20

A lumber producer was looking for a more environmen-tally-friendly solution for their timber operations without negatively impacting their production costs