FLUSHING COMPOUND W is designed to remove residual water base hydraulic fluids (e.g., water glycol, soluble oil, invert emulsions) from systems that are to be converted to non-water type hydraulic fluids (e.g., QUINTOLUBRIC® 822, 888 Series fl uids). It is an oil-based product with appropriate emulsifi ers to retain up to approximately 10% water by volume.The recommended fl ushing procedure for removing residual water containing fl uids in a hydraulic system is as follows:1. Drain the reservoir, piping, large cylinders and accumulators of the previously used fl uid. It may be necessary to disconnect the piping at low points to insure drainage. Dead-headed pockets of fl uid should be drained if possible. Reconnect the piping after draining.2. Wipe down or steam clean the reservoir. 3. Fill the system with the minimum quantity of fl ushing fluid (FLUSHING COMPOUND W) necessary to operate the system.4. Actuate each cylinder, hydraulic motor or other hydraulic function 20 times.5. Drain t
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  • Reduces conversion time

  • Emulsifies residual water
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Typical UseWater Scavenging System Cleaner
TypeHydraulic System Water Scavenger
Is StackableNo
Minimum Order Quantity1