Conventional Hydraulic Fluids

At Quaker Houghton, our conventional hydraulic fluids are anything but standard, formulated with high quality mineral oils and additive packages to resist degradation by heat and moisture. This complex chemistry also provides robust specifications to maximize your machinery's life in the tough conditions.

Antiwear Hydraulic Oils

With a lineup of traditional, premium and zinc free AW hydraulic oils, we have options for a wide variety of applications and can meet the standard your operation requires. All of Quaker Houghton's hydraulic oils are formulated with premium additive packages and meet or exceed the requirements of major pump manufacturers.

Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

Critical manufacturing operations in the presence of fire risk requires top of the line fire resistance hydraulic fluid. Quaker Houghton now houses the QUINTOLUBRIC® and COSMOLUBRIC® lines of fire resistant hydraulic fluids under the same roof, globally formulated to perform in the toughest environments while providing industry leading protection from fire hazard. When it comes to performance and safety, whether its water glycols or synthetic fluids, our products are second to none.

Anhydrous Synthetic Esters

QUINTOLUBRIC® and COSMOLUBRIC® are now available from the same source and both of these specialty hydraulic fluids represent the industry standard for reliability, versatility and safety. Renowend for fire-resistance, corrosion prevention and extended equipement life, the broad portfolio of these product lines offers innovative technology to improve every hydraulic situation.

Water Glycol Fluids

Quaker Houghton water glycols are extremely thermally and chemically stable, and can be used at lower ambient temperatures. This diverse collectin of fluids are designed to provide maximum safety under pressure, near open flames or in high-temperature areas and are designed for us in most conventional and modern pump and associated hydraulic components.

Water Additive Concentrates

Water alone doesn't provide enough lubrication for the working surfaces of water hydraulic systems. Additional lubrication and rust protection is necessary for effective operation, and to reduce downtime. Quaker Houghton's synthetic water additive concentrates are bio-degradable, enviornmentally friendly and offer advantages in handling and disposal vs. soluble oils.

Food Grade Hydraulic Fluids

Selecting and implementing premium quality food grade lubricants in food production facilities avoids potential product contamination and unnecessary costs and ensures safe and efficient operations. Quaker Houghton food grade hydraulic fluids are NSF H1 registered with the only production facilities in North America that are ISO 9001-2008, 21469, and 22000 certified ensuring hygienic production.

Hydraulic System Cleaners

Whether you are transitioning your system to one of our fire resistant hydraulics, decontaminating a system or simply performing maintenance, proper system cleanout is a critical step in the process. Let us help you determine the proper cleaner and method for preparing your system and get you on track to a healthy and high performing operation.

Case Study

A major global manufacturer of operating 6 die casting units was experiencing major issues with their HFC (water glycol) hydraulic fluid. The problems reported where high maintenance costs, and unreliable hydraulic system performance. To help improve operations, increase fluid lifetime, and reduce the total costs, QUINTOLUBRIC® 888-46 was tested as an alternative HFD-U fire resistant hydraulic fluid.