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FERROCOTE 624 AAM is a versatile boron-free, dual purpose, mild alkaline liquid providing simultaneous cleaning and corrosion protection for metal surfaces in a single processing step. FERROCOTE? 624 AAM is designed for ferrous (steel and cast iron) alloys and non-ferrous (aluminum) alloys. It provides up to 60 days corrosion protection when used in the final stage of a cleaning system. Because it is boron-free its final film is compatible with heat treating operations. Its thin, dry, imperceptible film offers excellent operator acceptance and process compatibility.
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  • Versatile product used to clean light soils and protect metal surfaces in one step, simplifying operations and keeping inventory costs low
  • Can be used as a synthetic corrosion preventive in dip tanks, sprayers or as a rinse additive
  • Safe for use on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Moderate pH and very worker compatible
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