This oil-based rust preventive provides in-process or final protection for medium to long-term indoor storage of metal surfaces.Meets South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) 2012 requirements under Rule 1144 (ASTM E1868-10 TGA). • Flood • Flow-on • Immersion • Wipe-on • Electrostatic
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  • Specified and used by steel mills and automotive manufacturers, including Ford, General Motors and Chrysler
  • Rapidly displaces moisture and can be used to treat wet parts with no loss of protection. This product passes MIL-C-16173 requirements
  • Provides versatility in a single product to protect many metals. This simplifies overall operations and reduces costs
  • Provides excellent resistance to stain and varnish where metal-to-metal contact is present, especially with high temperature and humidity. This preventive passes MIL-C-22235 Type A specification
  • Provides protection against normal humidity and acidic atmospheres found in industrial environments. The protection is equivalent of 15 days in the JAN H-792 Cabinet
More Information
Application MethodImmersion, Wipe On, Electrostatic
Viscosity25 cSt
Intended Corrosion PreventionUp to 90 Days, Up to 6 months, Up to 1 year
TypeOil Carried RP
Is StackableNo
Minimum Order Quantity1