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FERROCOTEĀ® 368 BF is a barium-free, solvent-free, oil-dispersed corrosion preventive providing medium term indoor protection of ferrous and non-ferrous bearing surfaces. This product is formulated with a unique balance of polar additives and waxes that provides exceptional corrosion protection. It offers excellent water displacing and fingerprint neutralization performance characteristics. Its inherent versatility offers application flexibility using spray, immersion, flood or flow-coat techniques.
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  • Protects many metals. The protection is the equivalent of >25 days in the JAN H-792 Cabinet (ASTM D 1748)
  • Rapidly displaces moisture and can be used to treat wet parts with no loss of protection
  • Residual film will not stain or varnish on metal-to-metal contact
  • Reduced processing costs. High degree of compatibility with most bearing oils and greases, and compatible with most plastic and paper packaging materials means no need to remove the thin film
  • Thin film protection that is almost imperceptible making inspection, handling, and packaging easier. Residual film will not stain or varnish on metal-to-metal contact
  • Improved environmental compliance. Low Volatile Organic Content (VOC). Does not contain any barium or other heavy metals
  • Fingerprint neutralization attributes which counteract the effect of acid residues from fingerprints
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Intended Corrosion PreventionUp to 1 year, Up to 3 years, Up to 6 months, Up to 90 Days
Application MethodImmersion, Spray, Wipe On
Viscosity9 cSt
TypeSolvent Carried RP
Is StackableNo
Minimum Order Quantity1