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FERROCOTE® 112 DT is a water-soluble rust preventive that deposits a thin, oily-type film. This product makes a slightly meta-stable emulsion, ideal for dip tank applications.STORAGE AND HANDLINGFERROCOTE® 112 DT is available in drums (54 gal/416 lb) or totes (320 gal/2,464 lb). All containers are filled to volume by weight.This product has a shelf life of 12 months. Like most chemicals, it should be stored out of direct sunlight in temperatures between 40oF (4oC) and 100oF (38oC).
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  • When diluted with water, makes a slightly meta-stable emulsion that exhibits uniform plate out, especially on high-lustre surfaces
  • At low concentrations, the film is relatively imperceptible, making inspection, handling, and packaging easier
  • May be diluted with water, solvent, or oil to provide short to long-term indoor protection
  • Protects many ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces
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Application MethodDip, Heated Washers, Immersion, Spray
Intended Corrosion PreventionUp to 90 Days
TypeWater Emulsifiable
Is StackableNo
Minimum Order Quantity1