Die Casting Lubricants

Without the proper lubrication, die casting equipment can be difficult to maintain and product quality can suffer. The DIE SLICK® product line offers more than 60 different release agents for aluminum, zinc and magensium die casting operations made up of a combination of traditional, semi-synthetic and smart polymer technologies. The PLUNGER SLICK®, LADLE SLICK and PROTECT-O-METAL lines bolster our die casting lineup to provide lubrication for every moving part on your machine and more.

Die Release Agents

These products are known for their excellent release and die protection, stable emulsion at high ratios, bright castings and no stain or buildup. Quaker Houghton has researched and developed this polymer technology specifically for the die casting industry. Our Smart Polymer technology delivers tough lubrication only where its needed with heat activated barrier technology.

Ladle & Plunger Protection

Every step of the die casting process is critical and our products are designed for the unique demands required in all of those steps. The PLUNGER SLICK® lubricants are designed to withstand high temperature for extended plunger tip and sleeve life. The LADLE SLICK products will protect your equipment and reduce smoking and staining. We have a product for every part on your machinery.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is part of the most innovative die casting methods in the industry and Quaker Houghton has invested heavily in developing the methods necessary to create durable, high quality heat treated parts from die casting. With a long list of top tier customers and the products to get the job done, Quaker Houghton is an industry leader in heat treatment products and processes.

Case Study

A global manufacturer of high pressure aluminum die castings for major automotive companies was looking to replace the plunger lubricant being used in their die casting operations.