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Binol Band 5 is a safe and environmentally acceptable non-emulsifying cleaning oil, based on renewable raw materials. The product is readily biodegradable in soil and water, non toxic for human or the environment and not irritating to skin. It is also label free. Binol Band 5 is designed for cleaning and lubricating applications of band saws, circular saws in saw mills and tables and cutter tools in planing mills. The product has been tested against different elastomers and paints, used by the leading equipment manufacturers. Binol Band 5 reduces consumption, extends the abrasive range of the bandsaw blades and is an environmentally acceptable alternative to diesel oil.
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  • Reduced consumption
  • Extend blade resharpening intervals
  • Strong demulsibility and water separation
  • Biodegradable
  • Hazard free labeling
  • Improved performance over diesel
More Information
Viscosity5 cSt
Typical UseRip Saws, Band Saws
Recommended MaterialsVery High Pitch Content, Soft Woods
TypeBiodegradeable Saw Lubricant
Is StackableNo
Minimum Order Quantity1