Performance & Aftermarket 

When it comes to modifying an engine for high end performance, Quaker Houghton has proven to be a reliable source of the best products in the industry to gain the edge on the track. QUAKERCUT® 004 PE has proven itself as the premium cylinder honing fluid in the industry and is supported by a dynamic list of water soluble metal removal fluids to support block and head machining to build the custom engine you need win. When the job is done, our cleaners and degreasers leave the shop looking like new.

Engine Honing

In the engine honing industry, QUAKERCUT® 004 PE has been displacing the competition for years with improved performance and operational convenience. From stone abrasives to diamond pads, this versatile product rids the need to change your oil if you change how you hone and can be used in all of your various honing systems including line and rod hones.

Block & Head Machining

When a stock engine from raw casting or your cylinder heads need machining to bring them up to performance ready condition, Quaker Houghton has the product for your shop with the flexibility to machine a wide range of materials including steel, cast iron, silica aluminum coatings, cast & forged aluminum, copper valve guides and titanium & nickel alloys.

Cleaners & Degreasers

The performance race engine modification is a messy industry and keeping a clean shop is a necessity to keep your product in top condition and encourage your customers to continue rolling in. Quaker Houghton has a robust list of cleaners and degreasers strong enough to remove the toughest greasers and keep your shop shining.

Production Automotive & Supply Chain

This line of products contains both neat oil and water soluble high performance machining, metal forming and metal forging lubricants formulated without chlorine, engineered to be used for both regular and alloy-coated tooling. From stamping and forming, to casting of engine blocks and high precision machining of the finished product, Quaker Houghton provides every product you need for high production manufacturing and a long list of high end references to ensure the performance.

Body & Chassis Stamping

Quaker Houghton's experience in automotive stamping is unmatched and the list of OEMs utilizing these products speaks to the proven success in the industry. These stamping products are designed to perform in a range of light to heavy duty blank washing, staming and drawing while providing rust protection. Some of these products contain emulsifiers for ease of removal once ready to clean.

Precision Machining

With the combined expertise Quaker Houghton brings the industry, there has never been a more diverse list of precision machining fluids available. This versatile line of products offers water soluble and neat oil cutting fluids designed to perform a variety of machining operations including milling, drilling, reaming and tapping.

Die Casting

Quaker Houghton has a deep lineup of traditional and synthetic casting fluids appropriate for a variety of stamping applications and every part of your machinery from the release agents to the ladle lubricants and beyond. This product list is your one stop shop for all of your automotive die cast needs.