Quaker Houghton metal working fluids are used by a wide array of world leading aerospace manufactures including Pratt & Whitney, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, & Rolls Royce. Whether it be titanium, aluminum, inconel, or stainless steel, the QUAKERCOOL & HOCUT product line provides the latest technology to achieve the quality and process efficiency demanded by any machining operation.


Quaker Houghton serves all facets of the automotive and off road industries, from the stamping of body panels to the machining of engine components. We collaborate with major producers around the world. Our knowledge base extends from the manufacture of each critical part to final assembly of the vehicle.

Food Beverage Production

Whether it’s aluminum or tinplate, Quaker Houghton has innovative, integrated process solutions and superior service to optimize your operations, increase profitability and realize further success.


Lubricants for saw mills as well as mobile forestry equipment. Quaker Houghton has concentrated its efforts in developing products that lubricate and cleans sawbands, moulding equipment and circular saws. The products are environmentally acceptable alternatives to traditionally mineral oil-based products while also offering increase performance and H&S compliance.

General Manufacturing

Quaker Houghton's industrial process fluids are specifically designed for critical precision machining operations, drawing & forming, cleaning, corrosion prevention, and many ofther applicatinos for the general manufacturing industry.  For decades, our fluids and insights have been assisting in the products of intricate metal components, tools, machinery, industrial parts and consumer goods.  


Today’s mining industry must cope with a wide variety of priorities, ranging from safety to effectiveness and costefficiency. Solutions must work anywhere, in various different situations and conditions. Most of all, these solutions must be reliable and adaptable to your operations – not someone else’s. That’s where the Quaker Houghton worldwide network of technical experts come in.

Primary Metals

With over 70 years of experience in the steel and other primary metals industries, Quaker Houghton has a broad portfolio of products and services, making us the global leader in rolling lubrication, fire resistant fluid power, and in-line cleaning & corrosion prevention for steel, aluminum, & copper producers.  

Tube And Pipe

Quaker Houghton's leading position in process fluids and specialty lubricants for the tube and pipe industry includes fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, specialty greases and hot forming and rolling lubricants for seamless pipe production as well as forming and threading soltuations for welded tube processes. Downstream, Quaker Houhgton leads the way with innovative coatings—including environmentally friendly solvent-based coatings, fast-drying, low-VOC, water-based coatings and UV coatings— that can be customized to meet increasing market performance demands.