Precision Manufacturing

We have formulated our high performance metalworking fluids and coatings to exceed the challenges of machining the materials used in the aerospace manufacturing industry. Aluminums, carbon, ceramics and inconnels are all within our capabilities to machine with premium precision, surface finish and tool life in mind. Chlorine free options make up our portfolio of products that have shown reduced coolant usage and premium performance in deep hole drilling.

Machined Assemblies

Quaker Houghton metal working fluids are used by a wide array of world leading aerospace manufactures including Pratt & Whitney, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, & Rolls Royce. Whether it be titanium, aluminum, inconel, or stainless steel, the QUAKERCOOL & HOCUT product line provides the latest technology to achieve the quality and process efficiency demanded by any machining operation.

In Process Protection

Ferrocote & Rust Veto corrosion preventatives are used to provide in process protection to the most critical civil and aerospace components such as rotor shafts, transmissions, & wheel breaks during manufacturing, transit, and NDT processes.


With a wide array of cleaners made up from the QUAKERCLEAN, DASCO KLEEN, HOUGHTO-CLEAN and more, we are postioned to provide you with all the in process, maintenance and multi-purpose cleaners your operation needs to maintain your production with quality results. Consult a Quaker Houghton Connect representative to determine the appropriate product for your application.


Today, Quaker Houghton is the foremost provider of rolling fluids, lubricants, cleaners, hydraulic fluids, quenchants, coolants, forming compounds, conversion coatings, rust preventatives, and other industrial fluids. From aqueous technology that combines the safety of Water with excellent lubrication, to advanced anhydrous synthetics that lower operating costs we have proven our expertise in Aerospace MRO & NDT time and again.

Aerospace Approved Coolants

Quaker Houghton has invested significant resources to develop industry leading coolants that address the issues the industry has been challenged by specifically. Our coolants don't cut corners when it comes to quality for the aerospace industry and you can trust they will provide the performance your products need to beat the competition and reduce your costs.

Mil Spec and OEM rust preventatives

When looking to meet the strictest military specifications on corrosion protection, our corrosion preventatives have built a strong reputation to comply with several of these standards. With several options offering barium-free, oil disperesed and solvent based products, we can find the right product to fit your corrsosion protection needs.

Case Study

A major Tier II supplier to the automotive industry was experiencing coolant issues machining aluminum balance shaft housings. The manufacturer was using a standard high oil, semi-synthetic metalworking fluid for their turning, milling, and boring operations but were unhappy with the poor service, low tool life, high usage and bacteria issues.