This additive is designed for use as a defoamer in water soluble metalworking fluids. This is a calcium acetate slurry designed to increase water hardness in order to reduce and/or eliminate foam.This product is to be used diluted into water. Always add product to water to ensure adequate mixing. Because this additive is a slurry, some flocculation may occur over time. Mix the product first before each use. This product is used based upon the known current level of hardness in the fluid and how much you wish to increase it. The following calculation should be employed to determine the use rate:A = Total volume of system (in gallons) D = Increase of hardness desired (in mg/liter) A x D = Gallons of additive required 201,655
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  • Liquid concentrate is readily soluble and
    quickly disperses

  • Helps to control foam by attacking the
    root cause in soft water

  • More cost effective than silicone and
    organically modified silicone defoamers
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Typical UseNon Depositing Water Hardener
TypeWater Hardener
Is StackableNo
Minimum Order Quantity1